Safety Always Comes First!

We are confident that your zip line tour will be an experience you will remember forever. We have made and are continually taking all precautions to assure nothing takes away from your zip line experience. We are a member of The Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT), which sets the standards and certifications for the zip line and challenge course industry. Our design and construction partner, Challenge Towers, is an approved contractor and has been a major contributor to establishing industry standards since the formation of ACCT in 1993.

Visit for a complete understanding of the industry standards.

Only state-of-the-art technology and protective gear are used on the zip lines and all courses and apparatus are inspected each morning before anyone is admitted to the park. Our guides are specifically trained and certified using the accredited practices of ACCT. Each element is designed with the user in mind. Weight and age limits are set to provide maximum safety for each activity.

Once or twice a year, outside certified inspectors are on-site to review the physical elements for safety and adherence to ACCT standards. The park’s insurance provider conducts unannounced audits of practices on a random but frequent schedule.