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World-Class Canopy Tour and Half Canopy Tour

Quick Details

Enjoy the Appalachian temperate rain forest by zipping through the canopy!

Highlands Zip Line Tour Details

  • World-Class Canopy Tour consists of eight zip lines spanning 44 acres and includes the 1,550′ long, 210′ high Squealing Mare!
  • 1/2 Canopy Tour consists of the first four zip line rides of the World-Class Canopy Tour. This Highlands zip line tour is designed for the “first-timer” who may not be ready for the more thrilling zips that are longer, higher, and faster than the first four on the course. A little lower, and a little slower, you experience zip lines from just over 100 ft. long to just under 400 ft. You work your way up from 10′ to 45′ off the ground!
  • Two of our experienced and highly trained guides take care of you and ensure your safety during your entire journey!

Please Note: All 1/2 canopy tour guests have the option to continue on the World-Class portion of the canopy tour.

Minimum Age: 8 | Weight Limits: Min. 70 lbs., Max 250 lbs. | Closed-toed shoes are required.

In an effort to maximize your safety and eliminate distraction from instruction as well as protect the privacy of our tour participants, we do not allow cameras on our North Carolina zip line courses. All tours are photographed and videotaped by your guide using a GoPro camera and will be available for purchase after your tour.


  • World-Class Canopy Tour – 2.5 Hours
  • 1/2 Tour – 1.5 Hour

More About World-Class

Enjoy the best views North Carolina has to offer while enjoying some of the best zip lining in the country. 

Take the time to enjoy all our beautiful scenery from a unique perspective as you zip. Your zip line experience begins in the lush mountain hardwoods of Western North Carolina, near the top of High Holly Mountain located between Highlands, North Carolina and Dillard, Georgia. Our experienced guides take you on a fantastic journey across 17 elements, including eight zip lines, among the many different trees and species of flora and fauna that only grow in our eastern temperate rainforest. The old-growth forest littered with peaks and knolls, whose springs and branches carve ravines and waterfalls, creates a wondrous natural terrain ideal for this eco-tour adventure park. We love our mountain hardwoods and know you will too.

Our World-Class Canopy Tour consists of eight zip lines. The fifth zip line, called the “Squealing Mare,” is not to be missed. If you are like most of our guests, this awe-inspiring 1/4 of a mile ride will leave you smiling from ear to ear. The Squealing Mare reaches a height of 210 feet above the ground with a long-range view of the Smoky Mountains in Western North Carolina that you do not want to miss. This zip line tour is sure to be a favorite!

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